Sunday, April 26, 2009

Last day of visit

After a wonderful trip to see Grandma and Papa, we went down to see Uncle Ron and Aunt Glenda (along with my cousins). It was a fun trip, and we even stopped by to see Uncle George and Aunt Shirley on the way. Chloe was such a trooper and is now in bed sleeping sound at home. Dad survived my backseat driving, and is home enjoying the peace and quiet. Home sweet home!

Grandma and Papa with their "amazing grace"
Legacy of sewing in the Gibson Gals. Grandma is teaching me the tricks of the trade, and I'm so excited. She made my dresses when I was a wee bit, and they were exquisite. I so enjoyed the time that we had to share.
Lego's with Aunt Shirley and Uncle George
Cousin Ashley (they share the strawberry blonde hair)
Uncle Ron

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