Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

The Easter basket was as big as she is
Her first candy. She cried when I took it away
My big girl
Spring is here!
Start of the day at Nana's

Today started out rainy and dark, and ended up being a beautiful bright sunny day! Today we were on the way to Nana and Pop Pop's for Easter and Chloe started making a red face... I thought "oh no". Yes, by the time we got to the house (2 minutes away) I sat her down very carefully to try and change her diaper. It was too late. It was everywhere. So, Easter started off in the buff, but we ended up getting some really sweet pictures. This would have been the day that I didn't travel with another outfit. 

1 comment:

Dawn Bibbs said...

OH NO!!!

But look how cute she looks! Crisis averted :-).