Tuesday, December 30, 2008

She found her toes!

All this time, who knew those toes were down there?

14 Weeks Old!

Posing for the camera
Bea Bea gave her this hat
Pretty in pink

It seems like just yesterday when I was waddling around waiting for the electricity to come back on so that I could go into labor. I remember the hurricane coming, and how grateful I was trying to be for the fact that I was safe.. (trying is the key word). I told myself that when the electricity would return (after a two week shut down) Chloe would arrive. That she was not going to enter into the world without the air conditioner. Funny enough 2 hours after those marvelous lights switched back on, I went into labor... My little stinker needed to make an entrance for sure.

And that does fit her personality. She is Ms. Personality. Wow. I have never seen a baby so wonderful, smart, loving, fiery and sensitive all at the same time. She is for sure a one of a kind. Did I mention that she has  a strong willed personality? I knew one day it would come back on me, and God sure is faithful.

I feel so blessed to have her. She is so much more than I ever imagined.

Mimi and Pops

Sumrall Stockings!
Mimi and Pops love her dearly and spoil her rotten
Mimi loves her "angel"

I love my "punkindo"

I can't believe my baby girl is growing up so fast. She is now 14 weeks old... I call her many names right now... lovey, sweetums, punkindo and many others.. I am going to try and start calling her Chloe so that she can learn her name, and not get confused ;)

Fingers a.k.a. chew toy

Chloe loves to "ride the horsey"
Daddy giggles as much as she does
She is perfectly content with fingers. No toys necessary.
After seeing us eat Christmas dinner, she is determined to get some teeth

Congrats Dad/Papa!

I am so very proud of my dad. Not only has he been working full time and taking my mama to her treatments.. he also managed to graduate college. Here are some pictures of when we did a little "surprise graduation party" for him. Chloe helped with the balloons. Congratulations Dad, we love you.- Lo and Clo

Unkie Jay

Unkie Jay came down from Chicago to see his little niece. He loves her so much, and spoils her to pieces!

These are them.

My favorite "Holladay" women

I love Christmas

Grandma Patterson and Nae Nae
Nana always puts money on the tree for her grand babies! This year she put money on for her great-grandbaby :) She slept through it, so I got the money for her!
Chloe's first time to be with all of her great grandparents from my side of the family
Nana and Grandma
Patterson Christmas Tree
"Ta-da"... our Christmas present this year

Merry Christmas

"Mom, you realize I'm sitting in a box right?"
"I will say cheese for the camera"
"Is this the way to get out?"
Christmas Card 2008

Colors Oh My!

Okay, so I think it's so fun to dress Chloe up and take pictures of her in different outfits... here are some of the pictures over the last three months of Ms. Grace

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Military Holiday Party

 This is Kevin's work party that we brought Chloe to last night. I actually stood up and had to rock her around for about 30 minutes to try and get her to go to sleep.

She is so funny. Anytime a person tries to hold her (that is not mommy) she just lets them have it! My sweet baby girl...lol

We managed to be able to stay for about 3 hours, which is great considering she has been colicky since she was about 4 weeks old.

Between eating a specialty chef prepared meal (to account for the fact that I can't have dairy) and trying to feed Chloe in the bathroom stall...the night was still a success. I can't wait until she's old enough for me to share all of these stories with her.

Next week is Christmas, so we will see if she allows other people to hold her this time. We will keep trying... 

chloe claus is coming to town

I just couldn't resist...