Saturday, January 16, 2010

Heather and Jonnie's Wedding

Sleeping Beauty

This picture is not great, but I was trying to capture the moment, and forgot my flash. Chloe fell asleep sitting up and slouched over in her crib. As soon as I snapped the picture, she woke up! I just thought it was too cute to not remember this moment.

Mickey Mouse House Boo

Chloe likes to stand inside of her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Say Boo. Then duck down so I can't see her. It's adorable!

I love this picture- goldfish remnants

This picture was taken in July 2009, and I just think it's so adorable. How she has grown!

Money on the Tree

From the time I was a little girl, Nana and Pop Pop have put money on the tree for Christmas. Each dollar had a unique ribbon around the center for each child. We each had our own color. I remember some years that my brother must have been color-blind, because somehow he ended up with my ribbon

This year, was Chloe's first year to see the money on the tree!

Thanks Nana and Pop Pop for this great memory.

Some Christmas Pics- Mimi and Pops House

Clo and Aunt Devon

Clo and Tula-Boo

These are some pictures from when we went to visit Aunt Heather in Fort Worth. Chloe loves her dog, Tula. Here's some pictures of them playing. She is laughing so hard at watching Tula run and play...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My First Write-Up!!

Go check out 360 West Magazine, and read the digital version on page 10. I am so excited.

love the Lord. He is good.

He just gets lucky

So, Unkie Jay comes into town, and gets a million cuddles. I have to work hard for these suckers!

Chloe's Kitchen!

This is what Chloe got for Christmas. Now she just needs pots/pans and play food :)

Ms. Manners

Chloe knows sign language, and was asking her mommy "please". How can you say no to this?

More pics for

My 15 month old can walk in heels...

Yes, I know. She's her mamas girl :)

Check out

Here is my little model posing for

If you need cute baby gift ideas, check them out :)