Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sing Hallelujah (Pics from DC in Feb)

Chloe is so sweet, and sings hallelujah with her hands in the air... She must have seen mama at church like this. She is my angel :)

Chloe at The Little Gym (January)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Typical Shower

When I'm in the shower, Chloe is usually in the bathroom with me. Usually, she likes to read a book and/or play with my make-up bag. Today, she not only figured out how to open it, but how to apply it. She did a pretty good job. The eye liner is by her eyes, and the lipstick on and in her mouth!

She loves flowers

Death by Chocolate

So, while I was up in the DC area... we went to Georgetown Cupcake. Seriously, I could eat these cupcakes until I am no more. They are so so delicious. Thank goodness, we don't have anything like this in The Woodlands. It could be the end of me... or at least my figure :)

Lovin Mama's Shoes