Saturday, April 18, 2009

April Showers

New toys from Mimi and Pops!
She loves her new car! As soon as we put her in it, her hands grabbed the wheel. She looks like she's ready to take off and go. When we stopped she would stand up and sit down and make a funny noise (translation... "go")
She is very shy in front of the camera... haha
advocado yummyness

This weekend has been SO rainy, but being inside has done us some good. Chloe decided to start drinking a bottle today! Yes, she is almost 7 months old :)

We also had a good visit with Mimi and Pops, and they showered her with love and spoiling...


Tammi said...

Hey Chloe is smart for 7 mo.' lil A'million didn't start standing and plopping down till he was like a year old...hmmm,maybe cuz he was so premature.
But,girrrrrrrl! You can't post enough of that lil bundle of precious joy!
She's a natural for the cam!lol
Oh,hey! Just wondering...Is "Mi-Mi" pronounced Mee-Mee?
Cuz,if so,I think I'm spelling my name
And yayyyy! She's doing the ninny(bottle) thing! Awww,how adoreable,hun.
Ohhhh how I miss my 2 girls at that age.It's so precious how you are aprecciating each and every moment at her age now...and you'll be soooooo happy you have taken all these pics of her now.I cherish each & every one of my 2 baby girls pix.
What a great Mom you are!!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

She is TOO cute! Avacodo? YUCK!!! :-)

By the way, I LOVE the new look of your blog...but you knew I would, didn't you? :-)