Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tama (her unofficial name)

Tama. That's what I call her, along with mom and mama noo. She is the best woman that I know. I really didn't understand all that she has done for me in my life until I became a mother myself. She is a true inspiration and a magnificent example of what a woman's true calling really is... at least for her, and me too (turns out!).

This has been the most exciting time, and the most difficult time. Tama was diagnosed with cancer right before I gave birth to Chloe. She has lung, lymph node and brain cancer. Even though she has been undergoing intensive treatment of chemotherapy and radiation, the cancer has continued to grow. Along with having a collapsed lung, among other issues... I'm not writing this to bring up the tears, but tell a story of a great woman that I am honored to know. She just happens to be my mom. The amazing thing about all of this is that in spite of what she is going through, and the pain that prevails... my mom is a fighter.

I always knew that when people hurt me in my life, she became a tiger... but this is a different kind of fighter that I haven't seen before. The fighter that talks to God during every treatment, and puts her feet on the ground every morning declaring that she will live. I am so proud of her. She tells me that she is not going to give up, that she is going to win this battle. I believe she will. I'm so glad that she is able to be here and watch me raise my daughter. It's the best Christmas present ever.

It's also been so inspiring to see my dad stand by her side through all of the years of pain that she has endured. He selflessly gives and gives, and then finds more to give. He takes her to all of her treatments daily, and manages to work in a global position with his company, and did I mention he is graduating this month from college? The man has more on his plate than my Christmas dinner serving, but he does this and never fails to uphold my mom. A few weeks ago when she lost all of her hair, my dad shaved his head along with her. My parents truly love each other and have walked out their vows.. each and every one of them. I love both of you!

Photo above is when she donated her hair to Locks of Love

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Karen said...

I found your blog through a locks of love search. I couldn't look and not post--the story about your parents is inspiring.