Tuesday, December 30, 2008

14 Weeks Old!

Posing for the camera
Bea Bea gave her this hat
Pretty in pink

It seems like just yesterday when I was waddling around waiting for the electricity to come back on so that I could go into labor. I remember the hurricane coming, and how grateful I was trying to be for the fact that I was safe.. (trying is the key word). I told myself that when the electricity would return (after a two week shut down) Chloe would arrive. That she was not going to enter into the world without the air conditioner. Funny enough 2 hours after those marvelous lights switched back on, I went into labor... My little stinker needed to make an entrance for sure.

And that does fit her personality. She is Ms. Personality. Wow. I have never seen a baby so wonderful, smart, loving, fiery and sensitive all at the same time. She is for sure a one of a kind. Did I mention that she has  a strong willed personality? I knew one day it would come back on me, and God sure is faithful.

I feel so blessed to have her. She is so much more than I ever imagined.

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