Monday, November 30, 2009

December is already here!

Hi everyone,

It's been so long since my last post. It seems that blogging is another thing on the "list" and really gets neglected. I am going to try and keep it up, as I know so many of you love to see what's going on over here (mainly with the sweet clo baby).

Devon and Heather are now both married! I can't believe how the times are changing. Cole and Roman are just growing up and getting so big. I will finally be posting some of Chloe's birthday pictures (yes, from September) and post some pictures of our upcoming Christmas Party hosted by the Mistrettas.

Chloe is 14 months, and is no longer nursing. Yes, I nursed for 14 months!! She is now going potty in the potty (at bedtime) and can say mama so sweetly. I just can't believe my baby girl is growing up so fast.

Kevin is at DLI and is learning Ethiopian, and is top in his class. He just seems to have a gift with languages.

Rosebud Lips is doing so wonderful... more to come later.

I love you all. Thank you so much!

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