Sunday, June 21, 2009

High Fashion Lady (in training)

We filled the car up with pretty fabrics!
Chloe was checking the receipt to make sure they didn't overcharge
My partner in crime (and future business partner)... :)

We had a great time at High Fashion Fabrics. We usually go a few times a month to get some new "pretties" and this month was no exception. Chloe is such a trooper, and does so great. We stroll up and down the isles with her car, and pick out some pretty fabric. All of the ladies in the store smile when they see Chloe now (driving her car) as we shop. One day, I will tell her how she helped me build my business (and eat a few sequins along the way). 

1 comment:

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh my, I wish we had a fabric place like that here! I need some fabric.

Chloe is so cute!!