Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm sure you know by now...

I had a baby girl on 9.22.08 at 1:38 pm. Her name is Chloe Grace, and she is the absolute joy of my life. I really don't know how I lived life without a daughter now that I have one. Granted, I did get quite a lot more sleep, but she is worth it. She is still waking about every three hours to eat, but she does sometimes go a stretch of 4-7 hours on her good nights. She will be 12 weeks old on Monday. Wow, the time goes by so fast. 

She is smiling so much more, and talks to me too (in baby talk, of course). I just can't get enough of her. The funny thing is that she is so smart and has such an outgoing personality. Everyone that meets Ms. Chloe says that she is the most alert baby that they have seen, and that she has piercing eyes. 

So, a funny story about last week. She has a little bit of a stuffy nose, and so I took the blue aspirator and began to suck those little things out... and she got so mad at me! She ignored me for like 5 minutes afterwards, and refused to look at me.. haha

I'm afraid that I do have a little strong willed mini-me on my hands.

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